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Providing expert guidance from successful, student-centered, professional educators The Docentus Group offers a wide variety of trusted and proven services and solutions for educational-based organizations.

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Professional Growth and Development

(Leadership, Professional Responsibility & Ethics, Organizational Strategy, Systems & Processes)


(Campus & DistrictAlignment, Audits & Evaluations, Need Assessments, Direction & Improvement)

Human Capital

(Documentation, Investigations, Interviewing, Data Management & Data Systems Integrity)


(Board Development & Capacity Building, Calibration & ReCalibration, Strategic Planning)

Finance / Operations / Facilities

(Contact us directly for more information as we offer multiple services and solutions to assist you.)

Custom Services

(The Docentus Group has a network of consultants available to you.  If a service or solution you are seeking is not listed above, contact us directly and we can assist you in finding what you may be seeking.)


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