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Bridging Gaps,
Building Futures

At The Docentus Group, we redefine organizational development by serving as transformation partners dedicated to navigating the unique challenges within organizations and institutions. Through tailored leadership programs, meticulous systems reviews, expert coaching, strategic planning, and specialized engagements, we bridge gaps between expectations and outcomes. Whether it’s enhancing leadership, optimizing operations, or managing projects, our comprehensive services propel personnel and organizations towards sustained success, turning potential into tangible performance.


Leadership Growth & Development

We specialize in tailoring leadership programs, offering expert coaching and mentoring, and providing strategic planning services rooted in your organization’s vision and values, all aimed at propelling your personnel and organization forward.

Leadership and Growth

Cultivating a culture of excellence by tailoring leadership programs to maximize human capital efficiency and enhance organizational culture.

Our offerings range from aspirational administrative academies to targeted staff/team development, each meticulously tailored to enhance your organizational culture.

Coaching and Mentoring


Partnering teams and individual leaders with our seasoned professionals, providing expert-led guidance for fostering growth and propelling personnel and organizations forward.  

We offer both individual and team coaching at the cabinet, department, and campus levels.  We offer a wide array of instructional coaching to unique discipline such as fine arts.

Strategic Planning


Rooting our strategic planning services in your vision, mission, and values to navigate the present and chart a course for future success. 

Our offerings include strategic planning at the board, cabinet, department, and campus levels to ensure everyone is moving in an aligned capacity.


Administrative and Management

At The Docentus Group, we specialize in optimizing organizational operations through comprehensive administrative and management services. From conducting systems and process reviews to overseeing specialized engagements and project management, we ensure efficiency and effectiveness in achieving your goals.

Systems and Processes Reviews


Conducting in-depth reviews to align organizational systems and processes with overarching goals, ensuring robust and efficient operations. 

We have extensive experience in conduction SPRs including within HR, M&O, Fine Arts, Athletics and more.

Specialized Engagements


Ensuring your organization’s integrity through meticulous attention, professionalism, and ethics in addressing sensitive and specialized areas.

Our services range from supporting rapid growth districts in alignment of concept throughout the district to sensitive areas like Human Resources, subcontractor management, and work in specialized areas such as policy, compensation, investigations and grievance resolution. 

Project Management / General Contractor


Streamlining projects by acting as your general contractor, managing and overseeing subcontractors for efficient and effective realization.  

Our services include managing and overseeing work loads and the needs / assignments of  subcontractors in order to ensure that your projects are supported by top quality staff, completed, and realized in an efficient and effective manner.

Start Optimizing Your Organization Today

Leadership Growth & Development
Administrative and Management
Leadership and Growth
Coaching and Mentoring
Strategic Planning
Systems and Processes Reviews
Specialized Engagements
Project Management/General Contractor


The Docentus Impact

Our clients consistently highlight our impactful and engaging approach, fostering lasting improvements in campus culture, organizational processes, leadership effectiveness, and overall system efficiencies. 

Ron Sevart

Seattle Space Needle

“When you need more brainpower at the table, they can be a great asset, whether in the short term or the longer term. They are skilled at looking at your company through reality-colored glasses and being honest with you!”

Tiffany Duncan

CHRO, Former
Dripping Springs ISD

“The Docentus staff is responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful.  Their customized approach to our needs stood out during their work with our district and resulted in improvements within our system’s efficiencies. “

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