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The Superior Staff Development Series provides a comprehensive selection of topics that deliver practical and informative content, covering various aspects of band program management and instructional strategies.


Our sessions encompass a broad spectrum of information, addressing important topics such as student recruitment and retention, developing individual musicianship, work-life balance, student leadership, alignment strategies, administrative support, and specialized areas of instruction related to beginning band and marching band. Led by our team of experienced music educators, each session offers valuable insights and proven methodologies to enhance instructional techniques, strengthen your program, and create an environment conducive to student success.


Explore our extensive range of topics below and embark on a transformative journey of professional growth and discovery, empowering you to achieve superior results for your band program.


Recruiting, Retaining, Growing

  • Growing and Glowing: Building Individual Musicianship

  • The Plan: The Elements of Masterful Recruiting

  • The Cream Rises to the Top: Keeping Your Best Students Motivated

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Getting the Kids and Keeping the Kids

Staff Utilization

  • Best of Both Worlds: Balancing Personal and Professional Life

  • Stronger Together: Making the Most of Your Team

  • It Takes a Village: Utilizing the Community to Build Your Program

  • Mastering Time: Staff Assignment Charts

  • Who’s the Boss: Defining the Role of Head Directors

  • Support Your Local Sheriff: The Assistant’s Role

Professional Life

  • The Bread and Butter of Your Program: Let’s Talk Non-Varsity

  • Land the Job: Tips for a Successful Interview

  • Relationships Matter: The Value of Your Principal

Performance Preparation

  • Daily Drill: Moving Beyond the Buzzwords

  • Transference: The Art of Transferring Fundamentals into Performance

  • Harmony Director 101

  • Keeping Score: Score Study Skills for Success

  • It’s More Than Concert F: Purposeful Fundamentals

  • How to Hit It and Where to Hold It: Percussion Skills for All Levels

  • UIL Success: Busting the Science!

  • It’s a Trap!: Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes in Sight-reading

Student Leadership

  • Move Together: Empowering Your Student Leaders

  • Build it: The Nuts and Bolts of Effective Student Leadership Programs

  • Springtime Leaders: Utilizing Student Leaders in the Concert Season

Beginning Band

  • Beginning Band: Sky’s the Limit!

  • You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link: Identifying and Closing Gaps in Your Program


  • Building from the Ground Up: Vertical and Horizontal Alignment Strategies

  • Planning for Success: Starting with the End in Mind

  • Beginner Band Basics: Basic Skills for Every Instrument

Administrative Support

  • The View from Above: What your Admin Sees

Marching Ensembles

  • Find your Dot!: How to Teach Drill Efficiently

  • Sound Check: Electronics in your Marching Band

  • More than Fabric on a Stick: Making the Most of Your Guard

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