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To meet the specific needs of each individual client, The Docentus Group offers Consultative Services crafted to provide clients with the mindset and skills needed to create the growth and improvement they desire. 

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  • Consultative Services are crafted to fit and meet the individual needs of each client. 

  • Consultative Services are listed below to provide a basic framework for Consultation.

  • As a result of the variations in delivery of services, costs of Consultative Services are built on a project-by-project or hourly basis.


Board Development, Strategic Planning, Systems and Processes, Policy/Procedure, Fine Arts, Athletics, CTE, Student Health Services, Counseling, Business, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Safety, Security, Risk Management, Reorganization / Succession Planning

All of these service areas intended to ensure that compliance and performance expectations are defined, clearly aligned, and acted upon are integral functions of the administrative process.


  1. A comprehensive review of policies, procedures, and guidelines for the entire district, specific departments and/or specific campuses.

  2. Consultative relationship that includes developmental reviews including feedback that:

    • Includes action items geared toward improvement.

    • Recognizes current best practices (commendations).

    • Identifies of areas in need of improvement (recommendations).

    • Brings forward areas not being addressed and/or systems or processes that need to be strategically maintained, aligned, abandoned, or reworked.

    • Generates action steps for improvement with associated timelines and recommended approval paths and strategies.

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